Australian Darts Betting Bonuses

In Australia, the game of Darts is not immediately thought of as a major international competitive sport. Most Australians view darts as a pub game that one plays with their mates for fun. In reality, darts is a fiercely competitive sport that is growing in the international sporting arena. It is a sport that requires a great deal of skill, strategy and mental stamina in order to win. With more and more competitive darts matches being broadcasted and streamed live, online darts betting has become one of the fastest growing Australian betting markets. In darts, punters can place a bet before the game or even during the game from many mobile betting sites as the players strive for dominance.

For the novice punter, online darts betting can seem a bit complicated. In truth the various betting options can make betting as easy or a complicated as you like. For beginners, probably the best way to start is to predict the winner of the match or tournament. More experienced punters have a wide variety of exotic bets they can chose from. Some of the most commonly placed bets are shown below:

  • Outright Winner – Prior to the start of tournament you can select which player you think will win the tournament.
  • Match Betting – This is where you simply select which player you think will win match.
  • Highest 3 Dart Average – Betting on which player will have the highest three dart average in a match.
  • First 180 – In darts betting, you can bet on which placer will score the first 180.
  • Most 180s – You can bet on which player will score the most 180s throughout the period of the match.
  • Highest Double Percentage – You can bet on which player has the highest double percentage of the match. This is worked out by amount of darts thrown at a double by the number of those darts which hit a double.
  • 9 Dart Finishes – You can choose to bet if there will be a 9 dart finish or not.
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Basic Darts Betting Rules

In darts betting, there are a few things a punter should know before placing any sizable bet. It may seem obvious, but the first thing a player should do is learn the rules of the game. The basic rules of darts are easy to understand and only take a few minutes to learn. A punter should also have a keen idea on the history and winning statistics of each player. If a player has not competed in a while then chances are he is still getting into form. Other aspects such as mental and physical fitness should always be considered as well as where the match is played and which player has the most support.

Where to Place Darts Bonus Bets

Since darts is as much as mental game as a physical game of skill; the dynamics of the game could change at any given moment. Similar to tennis, darts is a game of dominance and control which means that a punter should take careful note of the changing tides within each match. If you have never tried darts betting and want to know where to start, you can start right here.

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