Australian Cricket Betting Bonuses

Cricket is a game most Australians sport fans are familiar with. Although the game of cricket has been around for many years, the recent introduction of the shortened version of the game has caused a massive surge in popularity. Today, cricket has become one of the biggest and most watched sports in Australia. As a result, online cricket betting has become one of biggest online betting markets, with millions of people betting on every game. Because of its international popularity, cricket games are played in multiple countries throughout the year. This means that punters are never without an opportunity to cricket bet on the action and can even bet from anywhere you devices like android betting apps.

In Australia cricket betting, the first thing a punter needs to know is that there are three basic types of cricket games. 5-day cricket, or test cricket is one of the oldest forms of the game and is considered to be a true test of endurance and skill. Since the game can last for five days, punters should be aware that at any time during the five days the game could end. As happens fairly often, test cricket can end in a draw after 5 days of competition. For those who are looking for a quicker game and faster cricket results, one day or limited overs cricket is the way to go. In these games each team is allotted 50 overs in which to complete their runs. For even more action and speed, punters might be interested in the increasingly popular Twenty20  and IPL cricket matches where teams only play 20 overs and the game only lasts for a maximum of three hours.

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Types of Cricket Bets

In cricket betting, a punter can choose from a variety of cricket bets. For the novice punter, the straight win/lose bet is the best option. For the more experienced punter, there are the more exotic cricket bets that can be placed. Examples of the various types of exotic cricket bets include:

  • Man of the Match – Betting on which player will win man of the match
  • Partnership bet – This is a bet on which two players will put up the highest partnership
  • Top batsman – This is a bet on which batsman will get the top batsman award in the match
  • Best Bowler – this is a bet on which bowler will win the best bowler award in the match
  • First 50 – This is a bet on which player will get the first 50 runs.
  • Total score – This is a bet on what the total combined score will be in the match

What to Know Before You Cricket Bet

Before placing a cricket bet online, there are a few things in cricket betting that a punter should take note of. For starters, every team has their key players and if any of these players are injured and unable to play, the game could be very different. A punter should also take note of the current form of each team as well as if there is a home-ground advantage. Historical results are generally a good indication of a matchup between rival teams.

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