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This website is guaranteed to find you the best bonuses available for all your AFL betting needs. From no deposit free online bets, free bonus bets matching punters’ original stakes, to special odds attached to specific bets, bettors will find a wide array of bonuses tailor made to suit the way they like to lay their wagers.  Take advantage of what is on offer to make sure that your wagers are winning ones more often than not, and lower your risk while you do.

The Australian Football League grand final is one of the foremost sporting events in all of Australia, and draws a wide variety of spectators and bettors alike, and is always an exciting part of the year for those who like to hazard a guess on the outcome.

There are a wide variety of bets to choose from such as AFL Premiership betting, and a good choice of odds to enjoy alongside the bonuses offered for each type of wager and punter.

Individual medal AFL betting is for fans that are sure enough in their knowledge of the game and its players to be able to hazard a guess on who they think will go on to win either the Coleman or Brownlow medals at the end of the season. Punters can nominate a player they think will score the most goals for the Coleman Medal AFL betting option, and will be able to enjoy munificent odds on all the likely candidates. There are also good odds attached to simply selecting the team the winning players is part of, so punters who do not wish to hazard a guess on a single player can settle for this option if they choose to. The Brownlow Medal is awarded each season to the player who is seen as the best and most fair, and this is also an excellent opportunity for putting your bonus to good use when placing a wager with one of these AFL betting options.

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Using AFL Bonus Betting

Australian Rules football, or AFL, is a team sport, played with a round ball on an oval field. Two teams, which consist of 18 players for each side, compete on this playing field to see who is able to score the most points in a game divided into four quarters.

Players score points for their team by kicking the ball through the goals set on each side of the field. Six points are awarded if the ball is kicked through the two central posts, while just one is awarded if it simply passes through the two posts on the outside.

The ball is moved around the field by being passed or kicked by players, and can also be picked up and run with as long as it touches the ground, by being bounced, for example, every 15 metres. Should a player be tackled, the ball will have to be relinquished to the other team, and umpires can testify to the ire of the crowd who feels that a ball has been retained unfairly

AFL betting adds another layer of excitement to an already very exhilarating experience, and the online betting bonuses on offer will make it that much easier to make sure you are paid out when the season comes to a close.